When I’m not traveling and documenting my own experiences, I like to spend my free time following and reading about other Irish travel bloggers. I love reading about their stories and experiences and drawing inspiration from their adventures. Reading these stories has filled me with wanderlust and inspired me to start my very own blog.

Below is a list of some of my favourite Irish travel bloggers who I like to follow and read about. These are the guys and girls who inspire me to travel and motivate me to keep going. But best of all, these are the guys I use to my own travel tips and advice. 

At this stage, I would like to point out that there are hundreds of Irish bloggers out there who cover a variety of subjects, including travel. My list below is derived of bloggers who, like me, dedicate their blog solely to traveling.

As well as reading about the big-time bloggers, I love finding new up-and-coming blogs looking to make a name for themselves. Like myself, they’ve felt inspired to write about their travels so I’m using this opportunity to help spread the word about their new blogs, make sure to check them out.

So, without further ado, here are My Top 10 Irish Travel Bloggers

1. One Step 4 Ward

Where do I even begin? Written by Johnny Ward, Onestep4ward is possibly the most well-known and successful travel blog in the world! Johnny shot to fame when he revealed to the community that he had earned over 1 million dollars through blogging. If that wasn’t impressive enough he’s also visited EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Truly amazing stuff. He has mastered the art of traveling and earning money as he goes and is encouragingly open to his followers about how he does it.

Arguably the most successful ever Irish travel blogger

Follow his mission to visit every country in the world here: Onestep4Ward.com

2. Where Is Tara?

As she describes it herself, Tara blogs about her adventures from a “refreshingly honest” point of view. I love reading about Tara’s travels, they’re entertaining, funny, inspiring and brutally honest. The pharmacist-turned-blogger doesn’t hold back and calls it as it is. One of my favourite things about Tara’s blog is her Friday Five where she interviews fellow travel bloggers, gaining an insight into what inspires them to travel. Make sure to check out her Instagram account too, it’s amazing.

Tara is quirky, fun and honest

Check out her blog here: WhereIsTara.com

3. Wandering On

Wandering On is one of the longest running blogs I know of. Brian and Noelle have been traveling together since 2009. They have a very practical approach to traveling. “Work. Save. Travel. Rinse and Repeat” is the motto these guys started with and it worked really well for them. Since then, they’ve established an online writing business which helps fund their travels. One of the things I really like about these guys is the length of time they spend in each destination. Rather than cramming as many destinations as they can into a short space, these guys like to actually ‘travel’, explore and experience the destinations they visit.

Relationship travel goals

You can follow their travels here: WanderingOn.com

4. Next Stop Who Knows

This is the first travel blog I ever read. Carlo and Florence ditched their 9-5 jobs to pursue the nomad lifestyle. They’ve achieved this by building an online business which funds their travel addiction. I have huge respect for this couple, they’ve spent years dedicating their time to their online business, developing and growing it into a viable, profitable income. I love the idea of developing an online business myself and I have these guys to thank for it. Before reading their blog I would never have considered an online business as a viable income to fund my travel addiction.  

Building an online empire while traveling the world

Read their story here: NextStopWhoKnows.com

5. The Whole World Is A Playground

One of the best things about this traveling couple is that they manage all of their travels whilst maintaining normal working jobs here in Ireland. The writers, Elaine and Dave like to work hard and travel harder. They’ve set themselves a goal of visiting at least 15 countries a year whilst still maintaining a normal working lifestyle. Their approach to traveling is very realistic, you need money to travel and these guys travel in style. They spend their hard-earned cash on quality, luxury travel rather than low-budget, frequent travel.

The perfect example of balancing a working lifestyle with a passion for travel

Read their blog here: TheWholeWorldIsAPlayground.com

6. Journalist On The Run

Written by Janet Newenham, Journalist on the Run is one of the fastest growing travel blogs on the Irish scene. Janet has been blogging for over 6 years now and approaches life like a bucket-list; her absolute must do’s and how to do them.  It was from reading one of her blog posts about her favourite travel bloggers that inspired me to write this article. Last year she decided to take the leap and pursue her career as a travel blogger full-time. A dream come true in my eyes. I can only aspire to achieve such success with my blogging career.

Showing the world how to travel solo like a pro

You can read more on her blog here: JournalistOnTheRun.com

7. Before My Mam Dies

Ok, first of all, I absolutely LOVE the name of this blog! Written by Una-Minh and her mum, this blog is a celebration of life and the relationship between mother and daughter. A truly unique travel blog and I love the idea behind it. Una-Minh and her mum have an admirably open outlook on the reality of death and accepting its inevitability. Together they are celebrating the precious time they have together, rather than running away from the fear of separation. Hugely inspiring concept and a truly celebrating blog.

Celebrate life by traveling the world!

Read their story here: BeforeMyMamDies.com

8. Squidgy Moments

This award-winning blog is written and run by Kathleen O’ Rourke. Kathleen has always had a passion for traveling and this is clearly reflected in her writing style. The blog has a bubbly, fun and easily-relatable style of writing to it.  Her blog consists of a mix of various travel content from top travel tips to travel inspirations. I particularly like her posts on packing tips and dealing with jet lag.

Passionate writing and great travel tips

You can read her blog here: SquidgyMoments.ie

9. Where’s Clair?

This relatively new (6 months young) blog is already making waves on the travel blogging scene, having made the final 4 of Ireland’s Travel Media Awards 2016. Where’s Clair is a blog which looks at the balance between working 9 to 5 and maximizing travel opportunities. For someone who travels as a hobby using her precious annual leave, Clair has racked up an impressive list of countries to her repertoire.

Balancing work and travel like a pro

You can follow Clair’s story here: WheresClair.blogspot.ie

10. Where To Next Darling?

This is a new and upcoming blog, written by traveling couple Kate Kelly and Darragh Rooney. Kate already writes a beauty and fashion blog and dabbled on the odd travel pieces as part of that. As her passion for travel grew, she decided to team up with her other half and dedicate a site to their adventures together. For such a new blog, they’ve already established a strong Instagram following, displaying some stunning pics from their travels in Cuba. Best of luck with everything in the future guys!

The next-generation of travel blogging

Check them out here: WhereToNextDarling.com

So there it is. My list of the top 10 Irish travel bloggers currently storming the internet and social media. These are the guys I like to follow, draw inspiration from and some day aspire to be like.

Thanks for reading,

Brian :o)


Do you agree with my list? What Irish travel bloggers have I missed? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.