Boats fill the canals of Amsterdam for King's Day

Happy Birthday Mr King! What better way to celebrate your birthday than to make it a National holiday. Another fine example of how the Dutch people do things right. Every year over a million people dress head-to-toe in orange, the colour of the Dutch Royal family. Why? Because they can. Formerly know as Queen’s Day the national holiday occurs on the 27th of April every year in the city of Amsterdam and it is well worth a visit.

They said to wear orange…

What to expect

Festivities kick off the night before (King’s Night) with concerts and parties scattered all across the city. DJ’s put on their best sets to the roars of the crowd with streams of confetti blasting into the air. During the day the streets turn into city-wide markets with flags, banners, food, t-shirts and much more on sale to the general public. Bands and DJ’s set themselves up all across the city, down alleyways, on top of balconies and even on boats across the canals. For 24 hours, the city of Amsterdam is one massive festival and everyone is invited!

The streets are alive with the sound of music

We randomly came across a street rave in the middle of the day

Standing on top of the I Amsterdam sign

Getting ready to drop our new mixed tape

Some useful tips

  • Accommodation prices soar around the festival period and sell out fast so book well in advance.
  • Public drinking is permitted during the celebrations but on the day, prices do go up. If you plan on hitting the park with a few cans, make sure you’ve prepared a bag the night before.
  • There is no public transport (bus or rail) available during the festivities. You have to walk or cycle to get around.
  • Don’t take photos around the red light district. It’s disrespectful and the locals will not take kindly to it.
  • You have to pay (1-2 euro) to use the toilets in most places so make sure to keep change in your pockets
  • Embrace the madness, take in the sights and make sure to wear orange.


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