Fancy doubling your annual leave next year? Hell yeah! With so few days to take, it’s important to use your precious leave wisely and effectively.

The key to success is utilizing the bank-holiday weekends.

Note: the numbers below are based on a presumption that you don’t work weekends and also that you don’t work on Good Friday (some businesses don’t accept this day as a holiday anymore).

Use Bank Holiday’s to your advantage

There are four bank holidays in Ireland as well as New Years Day, Easter weekend, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. By booking your leave around these holidays you can potentially double if not triple your time away from work!

Let’s start with the very first week of January. New Year’s Day falls on a Monday. If you book the following week off, you get a maximum 7 days leave (9 including 30th/31st Dec.) from work for the price of just 4.

The same basic principle should be applied to the May, June, August and October Bank Holiday weekends. By booking the same week, you get 9 days off for the price of just 4.

Take two weeks at Easter

In 2018, Good Friday falls on 30th March and Easter Monday on April 2nd. Most people are grateful for the 4-day weekend. However, the smart person books the 4 days before and the 4 days after Easter weekend, giving a maximum 16 days annual leave for the price of 8. 

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which is both a good and a bad thing. The bad news is that the free holiday day you get from it is wasted. The good news is because it’s a Saturday, you can get wasted! Some businesses will give you the Monday off as a day in return, in which case you’ve got yourself another long weekend to take advantage of.

Christmas has come early!

Finally, there’s Christmas. This is where the biggest saving is made if you book it off early. Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, with St. Stephen’s Day on Wednesday. Book the rest of that week off and you’ve got yourself 9 days annual leave for the price of 3! Take it another step and book the following Monday (31st of December), and with New Year’s Day (2019) on Tuesday, you’ll get 11 days off for the price of 4. Why not visit the Christmas markets in Berlin with all your free time?

Calendar of 2018 with optimal annual leave

A planning guide for your annual leave in 2018

By the numbers…

Let’s say you have 23 days annual leave to take. With the right planning, these 23 days suddenly turn into a whopping 51 days off! These numbers go even higher the more leave you have to take. With 28 days annual leave you can take a staggering 63 days off work!

All that’s left to do now, is to plan where you want to go!

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